Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am now 25. Yay! (Insert quarter life crisis here.)

We started off looking for one of the many, many gourmet cupcake places around town I've been wanting to try. The cupcake I ended up getting was one I hadn't heard of before, fleur de sel, and it sounded good. It was, however, salted (I can't read french apparently) and was pretty weird, haha. Salted caramel filling with chocolate frosting topped with rock salt. Ummm...not what I would have gone for had I known better.

After that we walked around town some more before going out to one of my favorite crystal stores. I got a piece of selenite and a garnet. It was fun, and we went for a nice drive through the hills to another local town we like to hang out at sometimes. Coming back into our town we ate at a very nice place that we've been wanting to try for awhile, and it was really awesome. Followed by gelato and then more walking around town.

It was a great birthday. I am very excited to try out the lovely things I got as well. :)