Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm a Master now!

I am proud and relieved to announce that I have graduated with an Master of Arts, Anthropology. This is as of June 16th, actually, but I didn't officially confirm that I'd graduated until yesterday, so I'm celebrating now. If by "celebrating", you mean looking for a job. Ha! Anyhow, good to have a milestone behind me and a new Very Important Piece of Paper attached to my name.

Yes, you may call me "master".

In other news, I recently tagged along as a guest lecturer on MJC's sort of annual combined geology/anthropology field course, which took an expansive tour of the Colorado Plateau and the Chaco cultural region this year. Pictures below, and more on my DA account if you are interested. Zeo and I are hoping to go back out to Arizona just for personal visits before the end of the month.

I have a number of job applications out for various teaching positions, and I'm constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. I may have an opportunity to teach at my own dear alma mater, so that would certainly be fun. For now, I'm helping one of my former professors collect materials for an introductory textbook on anthropology, which is an enjoyable if expansive project, and also planning to write a guidebook to the cultures (past and present) of the American Southwest. I am also planning to launch a new blog soon, to discuss contemporary issues in public anthropology and religion. I'll let everyone know when it is up. The weather has taken a blessedly cool streak lately, so we've spent more time out and about. Hope you all are having a good summer as well. Cheers!

Sandia Mountains

Las Vegas, NM

Kasha-Katuwe, NM

 Pecos Pueblo

 Bandelier National Monument

Chaco Canyon

Clear Creek Canyon, UT

Bryce Canyon