Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birthday present

Sooo...a present came for me in the mail recently. Well, maybe I should say a present for Nikita:

A kitty buggy! We were anxious to see how she'd respond to it, to which we got a cold stare from her new hiding place:

I don't know what she must have thought at first. But she came down eventually and sniffed at it. She was even willing to look inside and seemed receptive enough to try it out for a minute. Despite her initial protests she let me take a photo of her in it.

We did manage to test it out and took her for a ride around the apartment (no pictures for that sadly). There was much yowling and a few odd glances from maintenance as we passed, but other than that she seemed...almost amenable to the idea of maybe being taken out this way. Figured it might be good on long car trips where she needs to come along, too.

Anyway, somewhere along the ride she evacuated her bladder and I spent more time cleaning out the buggy then we did actually using it! I guess that'll show us!

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